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by UnfunOne on June 29, 2010

It’s here, folks! The Unfun Parent: Keeping Your Kids Safe (and happy) in the Internet Age is officially available. You can buy it here. You can order it in paperback or ebook format.

To order, click here

What’s it about? The Un-Fun Parent is a short, to-the-point set of specific actions you can take to help your child learn to keep themselves safe on the internet. In the book, I tell you how I:

  • Set limits on my childrens’ internet time
  • Keep an eye on what they do online
  • Protect them from cyber bullying
  • Negotiate things like Facebook friendship

It’s straight-from-the-hip. As if you’d expect anything else from yours truly.

For the month of July, I’m offering the book at for $9.70 in print, $4.70 in e-book format. After July, it’ll go up to $14.99 in print, and $9.99 for the e-book.

To order, click here

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